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  • The Stiff/Older Golfers Bible for Instant Results…Without Exercise

    • How your golf setup MUST BE different than a younger golfers if you want to keep up withardbackfronth them
    • The 1 move all stiff golfers need to sync up your golf swing for rhythm and timing on every shot
    • 3 Adjustments to add distance when your back and hips are as stiff as a board
    • And tons more….

    Includes $160 in Free Bonuses!

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Golf Performance for Golfers
in their 50′s, 60′s and 70′s!!

Since 2007, Age Defying Golf has been dedicated to improving the experience and performance of golfers over 50. Age Defying Golf will radically improve your game using highly targeted exercises for golf, golf instruction, power golf for players over 50 and golf flexibility while eliminating back pain and golf.

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