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Best Golf Clubs for Senior Golfers: The Driver

Best golf clubs for seniors
In the last month or so, we have been getting numerous requests asking for advice on what golf clubs are the best for senior golfers, golfers over 50. In this article we will specifically address what are the best golf drivers for senior golfers and for swing speeds less than 110 mph.

The primary reason why golfers over 50 need to take a longer look at the driver they choose, is because swing speeds tend to slow down with age.

Especially if you are not involved with a program like Age Defying Golf Rx or Age Defying Golf Ez. Unless addressed, the body of the senior golfer will lose strength and golf flexibility needed to play good golf. However, our studies indicate that after you pass the age of 75, your swing speed will slow down regardless.

So we wanted to give golfers over 50, this simple resource to help pick out a driver that will maximize their distance and accuracy. Here goes….

The Pieces to Golf Power

Before we get into specific driver recommendations, I wanted to cover the component component that is most important: Launch angle.

Launch angle is the angle that the ball flies at from initial contact with the driver club face. The degree of launch angle that you want with a swing speed less than 110 mph, is a lot. Maximum launch angle.

One of the components of launch angle, is the degree of loft in the driver. Here is a general guideline:

  • 60 to 70 mph = 13-15 degrees
  • 70 to 80 mph = 12-14 degrees
  • 80 to 90 mph = 11-13 degrees
  • 90 to 10 mph = 10-12 degrees
  • 100 mph + = 9-11 degrees

Additional components of launch angle include swing speed and shaft flex.

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How to Increase Swing Speed

1. Choose a lighter shaft. Golfers with slower swing speeds should almost never have a shaft weighing more than 60grams. With improving technology, you can now get very good golf shafts that weigh 50-55 grams. With a lighter shaft, not only will your swing speed increase, but you will be able to swing with less effort and better timing.

2. Distribution of Shaft Weight. Changing the weight distribution (more weight towards the grip end vs driver end) may help improve both distance and accuracy, especially with light weight drivers. This has not been thoroughly tested but there is growing anecdotal evidence that it worth trying. Particularly, changing the distribution from a D:3 to a D:0. Any club fitter can do this with ease.

3. Choose a Longer Shaft. I hear from older golfers all the time that they hit the driver dead straight every time but it only goes 200 yards. Here is an easy solution. If driver accuracy is not a problem for you, get a longer shaft. Try adding 1″. A longer shaft means more width and more swing speed from your driver.

Shaft Flex for Senior Golf Distance

Shaft flex is one of those things that you just need to see the golf pro about. Generally, the slower the swing speed, the more flex you want in your shaft.

However, I prefer to leave speculation behind and see how the the different shafts affect my launch angle with a launch monitor and seeing what it does on the range.

Drivers Tested Best with Swing Speeds Less than 100 MPH. Now with the basics covered, it’s time to drill down on specific drivers that work best for golfers over 50. These drivers were tested with consistent shaft flex, degree of loft, and swing speed.

The Top 3…in no particular order
The Adams Speedline S has been getting the heap of the praise as the longest and most accurate driver for golfers with swing speeds less than 100 MPH. I have read several analysis of this driver where golfers report substantially better performance with a D:0 swing weight instead of the standard D:3.

Depending on your reference, the Callaway X-Hot Driver may been an even better pick than the Adams. This driver is a solid pick.  I purchased my last August….no regrets here!

Last, but not least, the Ping G25 scored very well on both accuracy and distance for swing speeds less than 100 MPH.

Which one should you choose?
The results from these three drivers is negligible. Which one you choose comes down to your preference in brands and looks. Ask yourself, which one of these best exudes confidence when you look down at it addressing the golf ball.

Honorable Mentions
Rounding out the top drivers for golfers with swing speeds less than 100 include the Wilson D100 and the Ping Anser.

Drivers to Avoid
If your golf speed swing is less than 100 mph, these two drivers are not a good option. Both of them performed very poorly for this swing speed group.

The Callaway Razr Fit

Taylormade R1

***Full disclosure: the links in this post are affiliate links and, at no additional cost to you, I will receive a small commission if you purchase a driver through one of these links. Thank you in advance!!

Thanks for Reading!

Dr. Ryan York, DPT CGS
Doctor of Physical Therapy
Certified Golf Performance Specialist

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  1. Keith Engelmann says:

    Love the Adams Speedline driver. Been using about 6 weeks and hitting the ball GREAT!!!!

    1. ADG says:

      It is a great driver! Thanks for the comment.

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