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Best Golf Training Aid: SKLZ Gold Flex Golf Swing Trainer

SKLZ Gold FlexSKLZ gold flex swing tempo trainer

Our team at Age Defying Golf is enthusiastically recommending the SKLZ Gold Flex and the Orange Whip as our training aids of the year. These training aids fit perfectly in the theory and execution of the Age Defying Golf Rx System for golfers between the ages of 50-75 years old (although these training aids are very beneficial for golfers of all age ranges).


  • The Transitional Move

The biggest benefit of the SKLZ Gold Flex and Orange Whip training aids is that it emphasizes the Transitional Move. The Transitional Move is the point at the top of the backswing where the hips and lower body begin the forward swing but the arms, hands and shoulders continue to complete the backswing. Sound complicated? It can be!

In the ADG system we focusing on training the body to make the correct transitional move through exercise and the Orange Whip and SKLZ Gold Flex training aids do an excellent job as well. These training aides accomplish this through the whippy shaft and weighted ball at the end. When you reach the top of your backswing, the training aids keep going which prevents your arms and upper body from beginning the downswing to early and allows your hip to begin the forward swing(also known as being “quick from the top” and “coming over the top”).

In addition, the SKLZ Gold Flex and Orange Whip allow your hips to begin to rotate forward without your upper body, which improve your swing torque, or “X-Factor” which is directly related swing speed and distance.

  • Delayed Wrist Release In the Golf Swing

After the backswing, the Gold Flex and Orange Whip continue to improve your swing by improving your “wrist lag” or delayed release. To make crisp, consistent, descending contact with the golf ball, you have to maintain your wrists in a cocked position until the very last moment.

In fact, it’s IMPOSSIBLE to hit the ball well on a consistent basis unless you do this correctly.

The Orange Whip and SKLZ Gold Flex training aids teach you this motion because the whippy shaft and weighted ends drag behind the hands making it more difficult to release the wrists early.

  • Golf Swing Rhythm

Last but not least, the Orange Whip and Gold Flex improve your swing rhythm and help to sync up your swing for a silky smooth and effortless swing. I carry the Gold Flex in my golf bag and use it before I hit balls on the range, before I play golf, AND I use it during my round of golf if I feel like I am out of rhythm and forcing my swing.


Dr. Ryan York, DPT, CGS
Doctor of Physical Therapy
Certified GolfPerformance Specialist

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